Musicians for Ages 5-7 years

Using a small-group approach to music education, Kindermusik Musicians provides a pressure-free class where your child can develop a strong musical foundation by learning the concepts, language, notation, and vocabulary of music and its greatest composers.
The program is designed to prepare the young child who is eager for first experiences with musical symbols and instrument discovery but is not yet ready for formal lessons and traditional music reading with an instrument. Over the course of four 16-week semesters (Year 1 and Year 2), your child will experience the joy of learning to play a Glockenspiel, a two string Dulcimer, and a Recorder.  From our classroom, the world of music will be laid at their feet, just waiting to explored! Parents or caregivers join the last 5 minutes of the 60 minute class for sharing time and to go over the at home activities for the next week.

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