Expert Testimonials
Kindermusik provides the time and tools to help bring the power of music into your home and your child’s life forever. But don’t just take our word for it, read what the experts are saying about Kindermusik.

“Kindermusik provides the sound nutrition to improve movement, listening, and expression in young children. Through activities and music making, skills for parents and children alike create inroads for the great orchestration of a family’s hearts and minds.”
– Don Campbell World-renowned authority on the transformative power of listening and music, and author of The Mozart Effect® for Children

“When introduced appropriately, music and literature play an amazing role in the development of infants and toddlers. I’m happy that Kindermusik has extended their programs to include this time of life when brain development is most vulnerable and parents are most in need of support and direction.”
– Claudia Quigg, M.Ed. Founder and executive director of BabyTALK, a program dedicated to helping parents become better parents to their children

Parent Testimonials
It’s not only the experts who love Kindermusik either. Parents and their children alike enjoy their experiences with Kindermusik also!

“Kindermusik has become a special part of our lives. Sarah and I look forward to Monday evenings. It is our very special time together. During the week, we continue to share the songs, chants and rhymes that we do during class. I cannot imagine what we did before Kindermusik.”
– C. Shoobridge, Father of Sarah, age 4

“Each week, we look forward to a time of singing, dancing, reading stories, and other activities. The music is diverse and helps us learn to appreciate other cultures in addition to being just plain fun. Kindermusik is cultivating in our son a lifelong appreciation of music and a love of the complex rhythms of our world. And, interestingly enough, I’m finding that you’re never too old to learn.”
– Mae Miller Claxton, Mother of Brannan, age 2½

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