Junior or Master Chef – SUMMER

Junior Chef is a nutrition and cooking camp for children age 3-6 years.  We incorporate nutritional information that is age appropriate to help children acquire better knowledge of appropriate food choices.  Each week we will prepare a specific recipe during class.  It is important to note during registration if your child has ANY food allergies of any type. Also may incorporate a kitchen craft if time allows.  Materials include home materia downloads, apron, bowl, and various required kitchen utensils.

Master Chef is focused on the art and joy of cooking!  Music is supplementary to this unit, not the focus.  At times we may play a couple of games while we wait for our recipes cook through.

4 week Session in June or a 4 week Session in July

Junior Chef class meets once a week for four weeks, 75 minute class.  Ages 3-6 years.

Master Chef class meets once a week for four weeks, 120 minute class. Children ideally will have participated in Junior Chef before.  Ages 5-8 years.

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