by Kindermusik International

Anne Green Gilbert, author of “Teaching the Three-Rs: Through Movement Experiences” talks about how brain development is directly linked to movement.   For example, holding your baby in different positions actually helps develop new neural connections in the brain. In Kindermusik classes, we use musical concepts like “high” and “low” in our dances and chants to encourage changes of position, inspire creativity, and support brain development. Here’s a little about movement and the brain is incorporated for each of our Kindermusik age groups:


Move, move, and move some more!   In Village, our music class for babies, we move our little ones to learn, so they can learn to move and sooooo much more!  What a brilliant beginning . . .


In toddler music classes, we combine independent and interactive movement between parent and child. Both fine and gross motor are explored.


Ah!  Now the fruits of your playful labor in our babies’ music classes and toddlers’ music classes are exposed and expanded as your children begin to own their movements both large and small!


Just wait until you see what your home play has created.  Your child will be functioning on a much higher level reasoning plane, dealing with abstract notations, rhythms, and teamwork challenges – all skills that require coordination of movement.  These are also skills that your child will have for a lifetime – in school, at play, and later in the workplace.

It’s true… a good Kindermusik beginning never ends!