Tips for parents to encourage free play.

New parents spend countless hours learning what to expect those first several months. However, one pivotal baby book generally remains unopened: The Stroller Manual. Figuring out how to open and close that behemoth takes trial and error?and lots and lots of practice. After a while, though, you move well beyond the basic mechanics of how your stroller works into an expert role of using it in other ways?exercise equipment, pirate ship, dog leash holder, Halloween costume, etc.

In Kindermusik, we know children also use exploration and problem solving to learn what an object does and how it works. We call that process epistemic play. Each week in class, we provide many opportunities for your child to explore objects in order to better understand how they work. So, while trying out all the ways to pass, bounce, or hold a ball, your child gains a foundational understanding of how balls work. Plus, all this epistemic play supports your child?s overall cognitive development.

Everyday Connection: Digging in the Dirt. Give your child ample time to dig in the dirt (or sandbox). What happens if a little water is added? A lot? Simple play isn?t simple learning as your child explores the properties of water and dirt and gains an early understanding of earth science in the process

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